DiProGB - The Dinucleotide Properties Genome Browser

Getting started

  1. Example movies

    a) How to navigate within a genome?

  2. Getting help

    Activate context help by moving the mouse cursor over buttons of the main window: after a second a short description pops up. It explains the button function or which input is expected.
    Help->Open help file opens a detailed DiProGB tutorial.
    For additional help or if you have any suggestions/corrections you can use Help->Send comment to send an e-mail directly to the authors.

  3. Loading a nucleotide sequence (FASTA, GenBank or Text file) with File->Open in the top menu.

    DiProGB contains the complete chloroplast genome with annotated features of Euglena gracilis (Genbank accession number: X70810) as an example. It can be opened by either clicking Start with an example genome in the start window or via the main menu File->Open->Example genome. If you have uploaded a FASTA or text file the nucleotide sequence is immediately displayed as a dinucleotide-encoded sequence graph adopting a default dinucleotide property. By uploading the example or a GenBank file you are asked to choose whether to select all features. We recommend to choose Yes. Then the sequence graph encoded by the default dinucleotide property is displayed and the annotated features are colored automatically. 

  4. Manipulating the graph picture using the mouse wheel

    By using the mouse wheel the graph picture can be changed. By default the amplitude is changed. One can select the other options Shifting window size and Zoom in Graphics controls -> Mouse wheel action or by using the right mouse button.

  5. Zooming in and out

    The left mouse button allows directly zooming into the signal. When clicking somewhere on the graph curve and holding the left mouse button one has selected the start position of the sequence range one wants to zoom in. When keeping the left mouse button pressed and moving the cursor to the left or to the right a second dotted line appears and a part of the sequence graph turns to red. The red part of the graph between the two dotted lines will be enlarged after releasing the left mouse button. In this way one can zoom in several times until one reaches the graph part (sequence range) of interest. Zooming out is best done within the popup menu of the right mouse button: Zoom .

  6. Changing the displayed dinucleotide property

    The button DiPro list on the right side of the main window allows selecting, editing, or uploading of different dinucleotide properties. After selecting a new property the corresponding graph is shown immediately.